Should I Eat Vegan or Paleo?

Here is a short clip from Dr. Mark Hyman, holistic nutrition and functional medicine guru extraordinaire, offering an excellent summation on Paleo vs Vegan. Itโ€™s interesting to point out that these two diets have more in common than they have different. What it really comes down to is what is best for YOU. Your own individual mind/body constitution and taking into consideration whatever health issues you may have should inform how to best nourish your body. Variety of vegetables and fruits, no processed crap is a given, but beyond that, even in the realm of whole foods there are choices to make. Decide by listening to your body. Read More →

Book Review: I Quit Sugar

If I had only two pieces of diet advice to give, they would be: Eat very little (or no) sugar, and eat more vegetables.

The truth about sugar is out. Many have seen Dr Robert Lustig’s documentaries and presentations, particularly “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” has 4.8 million views on YouTube. Dr Lustig is the main guy leading the anti-sugar charge here in the United States. Obesity and type 2 diabetes are referred to as epidemics and most of us know this has something to do with sugar. We know we should eat less sugar, particularly the highly processed kinds like high-fructose corn syrup and white table sugar. The problem is how. Read More →

Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine

Have you seen Terry Wahls TEDx talk? Yeah, neither had I, until recently. I can’t believe this escaped my attention for so long. Terry talks about how she beatย multiple sclerosis. Yes! Completely beat it into submission! She did it with food. Hippocrates was absolutely right, and as we can see from Terry’s testimony, food can have a therapeutic effect on the body. Read More →