Turkey Albondigas Soup

We had Thanksgiving! We had rain! It was soup-making time.

My dad made a lovely stock from the leftover turkey bones, simmered overnight with carrots, celery and onion creating an intensely flavorful broth. I got to cart home a couple tupperwares worth. With turkey stock on hand and rain pouring down I instantly thought of the amazing turkey albondigas soup served at Roots Gourmet in Long Beach, it’s in the same shopping center as Purple Yoga. The broth is flavorful with onion, garlic, and roasted tomato, the homemade stock really makes it rich, and an abundance of fresh parsley brightens it up. Big chunks of potato and perfectly seasoned meatballs make the soup hearty and filling. My fellow Purple yogis and other LB friends know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, get to Roots immediately or just make it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed! Read More →

Summer Smoothie

I know, I know…… just what the internet needs. Another smoothie recipe! Besides, I find everyone’s taste in smoothies is so individual – one person’s nectar-of-the-gods is another person’s everything-IN-the-kitchen-sink-garbage-disposal-sludge.

However, I promise this is delicious and apropos for summer, and I think I have two excellent tips that if you don’t already know about them you will be grateful. Read More →