Favorite Yoga Songs #1

Music and yoga go together like… Hall & Oates, like Kool & the Gang, like… Me & Bobby McGee. Music helps set the tone, and the pace. Music can deepen your yoga practice and take it to new heights. Lucky for me I can meld two of my passions.

I think A LOT about what songs are good to practice yoga to. Many of my favorite songs in general are not great for yoga, but these ones are! This is not a playlist, these are just a few of the songs that have made their way onto a number of my playlists. My students have heard these 10 songs over and over again. Often someone will ask me after class…. “what was that song?” Here are some of the most frequently asked about songs, and maybe you’ll discover one here that you’ve always wanted to know what it is but never asked!

Here’s the rundown:

Anything You Synthesize & Intro – these are great to start class, to breathe to, to prepare for practice. In fact The XX’s music in general has a great yoga vibe.

Época – This is actually a tango nuevo tune, that I first heard not on the dance floor, but in a coffee shop! I loved it and immediately knew it would be good for yoga. This song just calls for body movement and expression – dance and yoga go together too… like Fred & Ginger.

Indra – Ah, Thievery Corporation. If there ever was a band with a yoga vibe, Thievery Corporation is it. I use so many of their songs on my playlists. I love Indra because of it’s funky Indian/Eastern sound.

The Long Road – Eddie Vedder is another yoga music staple, especially his stuff with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan who lends an eastern sound and his beautiful voice to this track. Also Eddie’s ukelele stuff is great for yoga which I’ll include on another list!

Aqueous Transmission – This is the one I get asked about the most. I heard this the first time in an inversions workshop with Tamal Dodge. I wanted to ask him what it was but didn’t know how to describe it. Months later it popped up on Pandora and I was so excited – this is the song!

Time’s a Wastin & Love Is My Religion – Groovy. Chill. This is the acoustic version of Love Is My Religion, it is a total yoga theme song.

Beyond This Moment & Music Box – My favorite part of yoga class – the wind down and savasana. These are two of the best for that. So beautiful. Perfect antidotes for stress.



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