It’s KAPHA Season

Spring is a glorious time of year! There are bright green buds and leaves on the trees, lots of wildflowers blooming and birds chirping as the sun is slowly warming up. As much as we enjoy this season, it is not without it’s challenges as the characteristics of the kapha dosha accumulate during this time.

Kapha is the energy of stability, support and strength. Kapha supports the body, for example, the cushions between the vertebrae, cerebrospinal fluid, synovial fluid in the joints; kapha maintains the body’s lubrication and mucus membranes. Kapha builds muscle, gives strength and stamina.

Kapha is characterized by earth and water. It has the qualities of being cold, heavy, and wet, like rain soaked earth. Kapha is stable and slow. Cold, wet weather increases kapha energy. When kapha accumulates it gets stuck, stagnant. Aggravated kapha explains congestion, sinus problems, weight gain, water retention, swollen joints, sense of heaviness, and cloudy/slow thinking.

Late winter and spring is considered kapha season because the qualities of kapha are highlighted this time of year. We can see the growth and nourishing aspects in nature – as snow melts and rain falls, the grass and flowers grow. That’s great for the plants, but it can throw us out of balance. We have a natural tendency to try to balance this heavy, cold, damp season by getting away to a warm place for spring break, de-cluttering and doing some spring cleaning at home and also physically and mentally. This is a great time to do a cleanse as we shift from the heavier fare from winter/vata season and lighten up in spring.


When your kapha energy is out of balance you’ve got to shake it up, lighten up, get warm, and dry out. Here are some tips for getting through springtime happy and healthy:

Remember, the principle of “like increases like,” means it’s best to avoid cold and heavy foods. Forego heavy, indulgent foods that are fried, fatty, very sweet, or very salty. Spring is the time to enjoy an abundance of new seasonal produce, cook it up and give it a kick with delicious spices. Keep it light!

It’s always important to move your body, but even more so during spring. There is also a kapha time of day from 6am-10am; this is the ideal time to get moving. If you rise at 6am and go for a walk you’ll get kapha moving before it has a chance to accumulate. You could also get into a new routine, try Zumba or join a running club. If exercise is enjoyable, you’re less likely to become a couch potato 😉

If you experience seasonal allergies… that’s kapha. One of the best natural remedies is to cleanse the nasal passages by using a neti pot. If you’ve done it before, you know how it makes a significant difference. If you haven’t done this before, check out this video tutorial. I know it seems a little strange at first (especially after watching that video!) but if you regularly deal with sinus congestion and allergies I strongly encourage you to give it a try. When I first tried it I had to order my neti pot online, but more and more people have gotten savvy to the benefits of this simple at home remedy, so you can find them sometimes at drugstores and I know my local Wholefoods sells them. It is cheap and effective… try it!

For additional information on kapha, check out this guide by Monica B. It is comprehensive and fun to read and goes into detail on how to use a neti pot on page 9. The guide also details good food choices and other simple practices to balance kapha like aromatherapy and pranayama breathing exercises.

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