Ojai Retreat

Grateful for an incredible retreat this past weekend in Ojai with my Purple yogis.  So wonderful to experience a new place, loving community, and an inordinate amount of yoga (haha…just kidding…sort of). I can get a little complacent with my day-to-day routine, I forget what good it does me to step out of the ordinary and into a change of scenery, meet new people, and have an extraordinary weekend.


All photos credit to the beautiful Kimberly Ai!

The thing that really stood out for me was our awesome community. We had a great group of people who had not just yoga in common but an appreciation for taking time to savor deep breaths, mindful movement, a beautiful setting, delicious food, and excellent company. For many “retreat” has a connotation of solitude. Sometimes that’s the case; from time to time a dose of solitude is needed. However we are social creatures, I believe human beings are made for community – we are born into families, and we create surrogate families, without love we fail to thrive. I love my yoga family, and over the past weekend that family grew a little larger.

Dancing Yogis

Alex and Ace were consummate hosts, attentively, selflessly caring for all of us. Alex even gave me his glass of wine when mine was empty. Generosity and kindness extended throughout the whole group. My housemates, the Henderson’s had a little gift for me upon my arrival. There was sharing of wine and stories and songs. We even shared dish duties! Love is patient, love is kind, love is…doing someone else’s dishes! And of course, we shared lots of good laughs.

Bow to your sensei

Bow to your sensei!


THANK YOU to everyone who was a part of it. Looking forward to seeing you at the studio!


Bobby, Ace, me, and Alex

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