Playlist: Breathe

This is one of the first yoga playlists I put together. What makes a playlist a yoga playlist, you ask? Good question! For one thing, their timing and pacing is arranged to follow the arc of a yoga practice. It starts off pretty chill, something that’s good to breathe to, to introduce movement. Then it picks up in energy to accompany warming up with sun salutations. Next I usually do a series of standing postures and floor postures and the music I use here can really range in tempo and style, I think it just needs to not be too chill, just good stuff to help sustain the practice. Finally there is the wind-down and savasana, this is where is gets super chill. Music really helps to enhance relaxation. Savasana songs are my favorite.

All my playlists have a theme. This one not only features a number of tracks with the word “breathe” in the title, but I also feel that it is light and flows – like breath.

This is a 60 minute playlist.

I use Spotify, as do many other yoga teachers. You will need an account to listen and subscribe to the playlist if you like! Spotify is free as long as you don’t mind commercials. I’m not so keen on commercials in the middle of class or during savasana so I upgraded and pay for the service – it’s worth it!

My favorite track on here is probably the second to last one – Air. One of Bach’s classics, done brilliantly by a jazz band. Listen to the upright bass… it is awesome.

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