Summer Smoothie

I know, I know…… just what the internet needs. Another smoothie recipe! Besides, I find everyone’s taste in smoothies is so individual – one person’s nectar-of-the-gods is another person’s everything-IN-the-kitchen-sink-garbage-disposal-sludge.

However, I promise this is delicious and apropos for summer, and I think I have two excellent tips that if you don’t already know about them you will be grateful.

Summer is the season for berries and stone fruits. I LOVE the combination of blueberries and peaches, and these two treats are now in season! There, that’s the summer part.

Now, the tips: 1. Green smoothies are great. We all need to eat more greens. However, I do not love raw kale. It’s wonderful and highly nutritious, hence its presence in all green smoothies… but I find raw kale is just not yummy. Its taste and texture in a smoothie is too obvious. If you agree, I give you permission to ditch it, and just go with spinach instead! Silky, mild, and vivid green spinach is the only green you ever need add to a smoothie. Save your kale for a saute, or a stew, or even dehydrator chips. 2. I do not love blended bananas…. UNLESS they are frozen. Freeze your super ripe bananas to save them for smoothies. It bugs me that Nectar Juice Bar doesn’t freeze their bananas. Again, its a taste and texture thing. Blended room temp bananas are like slimy Gerber baby food. Blended frozen bananas are like soft-serve ice cream! You can freeze the blueberries and peach too if you like an extra thick and icy smoothie.

Summer Smoothie

Into the blender goes:

2 big handfuls of clean spinach

1/2 frozen banana

1/3 cup blueberries

1 small peach sliced into wedges (leave the skin on! mmmm fiber)

1 scoop favorite protein powder (if desired)

A few dashes of cinnamon

1 cup favorite “milk” (more or less depending on desired consistency)

Whir it all together and ENJOY

Serves 1 Blues and Peaches

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