It’s KAPHA Season

Spring is a glorious time of year! There are bright green buds and leaves on the trees, lots of wildflowers blooming and birds chirping as the sun is slowly warming up. As much as we enjoy this season, it is not without it’s challenges as the characteristics of the kapha dosha accumulate during this time. Read More →

It’s VATA Season

Vata is an ayurvedic concept; one of the three doshas. What are the doshas? I’m glad you asked because this is what I’ve just been going in depth with in ayurveda school!

The Tridoshas are the functional intelligences within the body, basically how your body knows what to do. They are: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each one explains the different governing principles behind everything working the way it does, and the balance of the three is important for optimal health. When the doshas are out of balance there are unpleasant symptoms associated with the according excess or lack and immunity is compromised. Most colds manifest during the change of seasons and weather. The physical body must adapt to external changes and ayurvedic principles can help us transition more comfortably. Read More →