Playlist: Breathe

This is one of the first yoga playlists I put together. What makes a playlist a yoga playlist, you ask? Good question! For one thing, their timing and pacing is arranged to follow the arc of a yoga practice. It starts off pretty chill, something that’s good to breathe to, to introduce movement. Then it picks up in energy to accompany warming up with sun salutations. Next I usually do a series of standing postures and floor postures and the music I use here can really range in tempo and style, I think it just needs to not be too chill, just good stuff to help sustain the practice. Finally there is the wind-down and savasana, this is where is gets super chill. Music really helps to enhance relaxation. Savasana songs are my favorite.

All my playlists have a theme. This one not only features a number of tracks with the word “breathe” in the title, but I also feel that it is light and flows – like breath. Read More →