Paula & Baby Alex’s Birth Story

I am a mom. It is so wonderful. My gratitude is immeasurable….. This was how I began one of the notes I wrote down during the first week of Alexander’s life. Thinking back on that week, I remember just how struck with gratitude I was. So thankful for this healthy baby boy; for Dave, my love, my rock; for my family; for the amazing experience of pregnancy and birth that I had just gone through. “Birth was and will always be the most commonplace of miracles.” Giving birth was at once the most normal and the most profound experience of my life. Read More →

It’s KAPHA Season

Spring is a glorious time of year! There are bright green buds and leaves on the trees, lots of wildflowers blooming and birds chirping as the sun is slowly warming up. As much as we enjoy this season, it is not without it’s challenges as the characteristics of the kapha dosha accumulate during this time. Read More →

Ayurveda 101

I’ve been preparing to make a presentation on ayurveda to some fellow yogis! Much of what I’ll be doing as an ayurvedic wellness counselor is educate people on ayurveda. I hope to take the experience of this first presentation and run with it! Continue with workshops and seminars and share how ayurvedic principles can really help people live healthier more vibrant lives.

In this post I began to describe what ayurveda is. As I have progressed in my studies I think it’s time to get more into the details! Read More →

Turkey Albondigas Soup

We had Thanksgiving! We had rain! It was soup-making time.

My dad made a lovely stock from the leftover turkey bones, simmered overnight with carrots, celery and onion creating an intensely flavorful broth. I got to cart home a couple tupperwares worth. With turkey stock on hand and rain pouring down I instantly thought of the amazing turkey albondigas soup served at Roots Gourmet in Long Beach, it’s in the same shopping center as Purple Yoga. The broth is flavorful with onion, garlic, and roasted tomato, the homemade stock really makes it rich, and an abundance of fresh parsley brightens it up. Big chunks of potato and perfectly seasoned meatballs make the soup hearty and filling. My fellow Purple yogis and other LB friends know what I’m talking about, and if you don’t, get to Roots immediately or just make it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed! Read More →

It’s VATA Season

Vata is an ayurvedic concept; one of the three doshas. What are the doshas? I’m glad you asked because this is what I’ve just been going in depth with in ayurveda school!

The Tridoshas are the functional intelligences within the body, basically how your body knows what to do. They are: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, each one explains the different governing principles behind everything working the way it does, and the balance of the three is important for optimal health. When the doshas are out of balance there are unpleasant symptoms associated with the according excess or lack and immunity is compromised. Most colds manifest during the change of seasons and weather. The physical body must adapt to external changes and ayurvedic principles can help us transition more comfortably. Read More →

I Enrolled in Ayurveda School! ….Ayur-whaat?

What is Ayurveda? I get asked that question a lot. Some people are vaguely familiar with it – if you practice yoga you may have heard something about “doshas” or drinking tepid water with a squeeze of lemon on an empty stomach after waking in the morning. Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. Deepak Chopra’s books on health and wellness take an ayurvedic approach and the Chopra Center in Carlsbad California offers consultations and services. If you watch Dr. Oz he occasionally recommends ayurvedic remedies. However, more often than not, people I talk to are like ayur-whaat? Read More →

Should I Eat Vegan or Paleo?

Here is a short clip from Dr. Mark Hyman, holistic nutrition and functional medicine guru extraordinaire, offering an excellent summation on Paleo vs Vegan. It’s interesting to point out that these two diets have more in common than they have different. What it really comes down to is what is best for YOU. Your own individual mind/body constitution and taking into consideration whatever health issues you may have should inform how to best nourish your body. Variety of vegetables and fruits, no processed crap is a given, but beyond that, even in the realm of whole foods there are choices to make. Decide by listening to your body. Read More →