I think harmony is a beautiful word. It has a good sound to it, and it’s meaning has special resonance with me. I’m a singer – ever since I could talk, I would sing – just ask my parents. As a “child of the 80’s” I remember driving around with my mom, listening to the radio and singing along with just about everything. The Bangles and Pat Benatar were particular favorites. I sang in church and school choirs, 1st Soprano, I liked singing in my upper register (I fancied myself sounding angelic or something!) and I liked singing melody.

Then, a few years ago I did something I always wanted to do: join a band.

I started out doing background vocals and learned to harmonize with three of the most beautiful and talented chicks I know. It was also about that time that I was going through something really big and life altering. I had graduated the year before, in 2008 from UCLA where I focused intently on my studies but not so much on taking good care of myself. I was sedentary, spending long hours in class and the library, and I ate terribly. Stress was at an all time high from a broken marriage on the brink of divorce. Inactivity + terrible diet + stress = health crisis. So in addition to being very shaken in my personal life, my health was suffering. Basically, I was all out of balance – mind, body, and soul, all disintegrated.


In typical fashion: Sanna, Paula, Carmen “Oooo”ing – Shanna bout to hit some bongos!

The next three years was process of learning about what was going on with me and how to take good care of myself, how to recover and reintegrate all the dissonant parts of myself and bring them into unity and balance. Like a three-note chord: mind, body, and soul playing together in harmony. It was during this time I discovered yoga and began to study nutrition, eastern medicine, and natural healing remedies. It was important to me to take a holistic route to health. I read everything I could find. I consulted with a naturopathic doctor and an acupuncturist. I practiced yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. I experimented with all kinds of diets. As with any process there was an ebb and flow, and while I enjoy good health now, I am still learning how to live in harmony.

Health affords us a kind of freedom we seldom realize until we loose it. My experiences have ignited a passion for health and wellness, and a desire to share what I have learned with anyone who wishes to live healthy and free.

Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2011

Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2011

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2 Thoughts on “Harmony

  1. hello, I started oil piunllg a week ago. I am very interested to know how you have been getting on since last may, see the pictures etc . should I sign up to your news letter for that? thanks. stephanie (from france)

    • Hi Stephanie! Thanks for reading! I took a little break for posting on the blog to focus on my ayurvedic studies. Also, I’m expecting a baby 🙂 May, June, July was my 1st trimester and it wasn’t easy. I learned a lot about Ayurveda and pregnancy though! And I hope to share more on my blog soon. Please sign up for my newsletter for updates once a month.

      Oil pulling is a great thing to practice regularly, a good thing to include in your Dinacharya (sanskrit for routine!) Ayurveda really knows the benefits of oils for both detoxing and rejuvenating the body. I love doing Abyangha (self massage with oil) everyday. I should really do a post on this !

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